Consultancy services offered

Policy advice

Provide evidence-based advice on wellbeing, suicide prevention and postvention to policy development for government, NGOS, DHBs and community organisations.


Organisational policies and procedures

Assist organisations in the development of policies and procedures in relation to promoting wellbeing, responsiveness to suicidality in clients or staff and / or the impact of a completed suicide.

Project scoping, design, implementation and management

Undertake scoping exercises to assess need and viability, identify possible outcomes and model/ service delivery options to respond.


Programme logic and outcomes

Provide consultancy or training for organisations to develop a programme logic, outcome frameworks and performance indicators for an initiative or service


Programme evaluation

Undertake or assist communities or organisations to undertake formative, process and impact evaluation of suicide prevention and postvention initiatives and services.


Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessments   (Click here for more detailed information)

Undertaking or assisting organisations to undertake a Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment.

Provision of training course in the use of the Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment Tool.


Wellbeing programmes

Assist communities and organisations to orient towards a wellbeing focus and apply a wellbeing outcomes framework to their organisational culture, activities and services.


Mental wellbeing in the workplace programmes

Scope and design of mental wellbeing in the workplace programmes that are specifically tailored to the organisation and its people.


Mentoring and external supervision

Provide mentoring and external supervision for workers involved in promoting wellbeing , suicide prevention and postvention.

Provide consultation, supervision and debriefing for counsellors who are working with a suicidal person or after a client has suicided 

Debriefing services after a suicide for individuals, staff, organisations or communities.


Conference organising

Conference organisation based on 30 years of organising local, national and international conference.


Assist organisations to develop a conference pedagogy and conference narrative to maximise learning outcomes based on conference themes or sub themes.