Thriving Not Dying:

Lessons learnt in the prevention of youth suicide 

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Suicide in young people is prevented by nurturing well and hope-filled rangatahi living and participating in caring and safe whānau and communities, supported by manaakitanga and whānau ora and wellbeing and evidence based interventions

Hear a comprehensive and considered analysis of the evolvement of suicide in young people by a leading suicide prevention specialist who has mapped over thirty years the suicide in NZ young people since it first became an issue of concern in the late 1980s.

Have a greater understanding of 

  • the reasons why many of the youth suicide prevention initiatives have been ineffective, 

  • what needs to change in both attitudes and approaches

  • what the evidence tells us actually makes a difference.

In 2020 this workshop is available on request

Despite numerous initiatives, we have seen in recent years an upward trend in the rates of suicide in young people, particularly for Maori, young men. An alarming potential trend is the rise in number of young people under 15, especially females, killing themselves.

This must cause us to pause and critically review what has been done and to learn from the research and the lessons from previous programmes and strategies. One learning is that many youth suicide prevention programmes have been implemented in communities and countries with little evidence of efficacy or rigorous evaluation and have done little to influience the thinking or behaviour of suicidal young people. Some programmes have even been known to contrubute to a "normalisaion" of suicide in youth culture.

While there is no argument about the need to address the unacceptably high rates of youth suicide, the challenge is to identify the most effective strategies to implement. This workshop will provide an overview of what has been shown to be effective prevention and intervention strategies.

Based on thirty years of working with suicidal young people, Barry will offer a critique of current suicide prevention initiatives, providing insights into:

  • The phenomenon of suicide in young people – What is it and how is it explained

  • Gender and cultural trends in youth suicide

  • Inter-generational suicide 

  • The rise of trauma related suicide

  • The inculturation of suicidal thinking and behaviour in youth culture

  • To talk or not to talk about suicide debate- an overview of the different perspectives and the pro and cons of each perspective

  • The changing dynamics of suicidality in young people - making sense of their suicide narrative

Feedback from other participants

"A must attend for anyone working with young people. Learnt heaps"

Youth Worker

“Loved the positive focus, very inspiring and informed speaker. Best training I’ve had on suicide”

Youth AOD Counsellor

"Excellent I really enjoyed it and took a lot away from the day. Definitely will be do more of your workshops"

School Counsellor

“I found the workshop inspiring and thought provoking. Much to reflect upon about my own practice”

Youth Mental Health Nurse

“So glad I had the opportunity to attend such a high quality and informed workshop”

School Counsellor

"Absolutely fantastic. Best training I've been to in a long time"

Youth Service Manager