Suicide Postvention and Bereaved by Suicide

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Delivered on Request

This workshop is delivered on request.  Please contact Barry Taylor to discuss the possibility of having the workshop delivered in your organisation or community. The workshop can be adapted to develop a tailor-made training programme to meet your community’s or organisation’s specific needs and can be delivered at weekends.

Just Want to Know Why: Making sense of suicide 


“Why?” is often one of the first questions for those bereaved by suicide as they seek to make sense of the death. A question to which there are rarely no obvious or immediate answers and may never be answered in a way that satisfies the bereaved person’s need to understand.


This workshop, specifically designed for people bereaved by suicide, provides the opportunity for participants to learn more about the phenomenon of suicide, why people do it, what leads people to make the decision and the suicidal person’s thinking process as well as ask the questions you have wanted to ask in a safe and supportive environment.  


The workshop also covers the suicide related grief issues with opportunities for participants to share their insights as well as the issues of inter-generational suicide within whānau.

Barry draws his insights from thirty years working with suicidal person and supporting those bereaved by suicide.  He also covers the latest research and thinking on suicide and his lived experience of living with depression and suicidal thinking.

Topics include:

  • An overview of suicide and why people do it

  • Whose fault is it? Is suicide a selfish act? – Understanding the suicidal person’s thinking process

  • The suicidal moment

  • Grieving for those bereaved by suicide - Is it different to other forms of grief?

  • Dealing with the shame and stigma of suicide

  • Understanding family dynamics after a family member has suicided

  • Copycat suicides and inter-generational suicide – why it happens


Length of time:     Minimum 3 hours but preferred format is 5-6 hours

Target Audience:  Family and friends bereaved by suicide

Feedback from other participants

“Thank you for your respectful listening to our questions and your sensitive and informed answers

“I have learnt more today about suicide than any pamphlet or book I have read”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

“Your compassion and deep understanding of the issues of those bereaved by suicide was so evident in your presentation.”


“So appreciative to have such a knowledgeable presenter. I could have listened to you for days”

“I leave today with a fresh way of understanding my son’s suicide. It’s as if a ray of light has been shone on the  darkness of the past two years”