Workshop Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships is available for each workshop. The types of scholarships offered are:


Full scholarship covers all of the registration fee and are offered to tangata whaiora / mental health consumers, carers and volunteers.


Partial scholarship of either 25% or 50% discount off the full registration fee. Those eligible are:

  • Full-time tertiary students in health, social services and disability related courses

  • Workers or Community Organisations with limited or no government funding


Closing Date
Applications for scholarships close twenty working days before the workshop. Late applications cannot be considered.


Scholarship Application

To apply for a scholarship you just need to send an email with the following information:

  1. The name, location and date of the workshop you wish to attend.

  2. Eligibility – state under which of the above stated categories you are eligible for a full or partial subsidy

  3. Type of scholarship being sought:  Full: 100% subsidy,  Partial Subsidy (25 or 50%)

  4. Why you wish to attend and the context in which you work with suicidal people or those at risk of suicide

  5. A brief description of the organisation you work for or if student, what you are studying and area you hope to work in.

  6. Reasons why a scholarship or student/organisation discount is required.


Applications without all the required information supplied will not be considered


Notification of Application Result

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application 2 weeks prior to the workshop date.

The decisions on the number of partial scholarships and the amount of discount to be offered is not made until 2 weeks prior to the workshop date.  Applicants may be offered a partial scholarship amount that is less than what was originally applied. Recipients have FIVE working days to accept the scholarship offer.